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Entry and Changes

Event Cancelled 2021

We have cancelled the 2021 Sosltice24 due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We hope that the event will return in 2022. Please see our Newsletter and social media for updates. 

How do I enter?

Visit our Entry page and click the link to enter. When you click ‘enter’ you will be taken to our entry system provider. If places are sold out please email us to go on the waitlist.

To enter you will need the following info for the team captain (or solo runners): full name, gender, date of birth, address, email, emergency contact details, t-shirt size, club.

If entering as a pair or team member :

One team member (captain) will create and pay for the team. They do not need to know all the team members details to do this as captains can login and add or change team members details at a later date, but they can add them on entry if they wish. They will need the following info: Full name, gender, email, date of birth, emergency contact details, club, t shirt size. Team captains need to create the team with a team name. They will need to decide when creating a team whether it will be a pair (2 runners), or choose from 3,4,5,6,7, or 8 runners. Additional team members can be added at a later date via the ‘Additional team runner’ entry tab if there is no space left in the team – they must know the team name to enter and they must not take the maximum number of runners in any team over 8. The team captain should set the team up – (entering their own details and if they wish the details of other team members), and pay the entry fee. The confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered to the captain and will include login details which they can then use to amend details/team members or check the team. Please make sure you receive the confirmation email and contact us if you don’t. TEAM MEMBERS  DO NOT HAVE TO ADD THEMSELVES TO THE TEAM – THIS IS DONE BY THE TEAM CAPTAIN UNLESS YOU ARE JOINING A TEAM THAT IS CURRENTLY FULL AND YOU ARE PURCHASING AN ADDITIONAL TEAM MEMBER PLACE.

If you want to swap team members within or between teams, team captains must do this by logging into their account (details provided in the confirmation email) and will need to follow the process outlined in our FAQ/help section (we advise team captains to email if they wish to transfer themselves). It is the captains responsibility to ensure that the details of their team and all the members are correct by the cut off date. The final date to add or amend team runners is 20th May 6pm

Once you have entered and paid you will receive a confirmation email (if you don’t it may mean that you have entered an incorrect email address or it has gone to your ‘junk’ folder, in which case please contact us).

This email will contain your login details which allow you to make changes to your entry if needed (or if a team captain – to make changes to your team members details – team members do not get their own login – only the captain)

We will contact competitors by email leading up to the event (for example to remind you to complete your teams, to advise if places are limited, with important pre-race information etc) it is therefore vital that you enter a current and correct email address.

Timing chips, numbers and registration packs will be collected at registration at the event.

If you need to make changes to your entry or wish to transfer your entry you can do this by logging into your account. See the FAQs section for more help if needed.

Please check our T&Cs for full details.

8K races - more info

The 2 standalone 8k/ 5 mile races follow the same course as the 24 hour run but are timed and placed separately. Please see the race info page for course details. The Midday Run starts with the main 24 hour event and the Sunset Run has its own start at 21:15 but the 24 hour event will be in progress. The sunset/night course is unlit and you must have a head torch or torch to be allowed to run. There is no cut off time.

Free parking is available in the sign posted visitor car park. Register at the registration tent on Friday evening or Saturday morning by 11am for the Midday Run, and Saturday evening from 7-8:45pm for the Sunset Run. Please allow time to get into the site, parked and to registration as it will be very busy on Saturday morning. (full details will be emailed before the event with confirmation of all timings on.) The race is chip timed.

The age limits are 18 years for the night Sunset Run and 15 years for the Midday Run.

Entrants will receive a medal when they finish.

You are welcome to use all the site facilities.

How do I change my details on the entry system?

Team/Pair Runners – contact your team captain who will be able to login to their team account and alter the details of team members and add new team members. Details for login are in the captains confirmation email. Deadline for changes 20th May.

Solo runners/team captains – You can log in to your account and change some details. If you need to transfer your place to another runner click here. Deadline 20th May.

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Team Runners – your captain can log in and make changes to the team members registered and add new team members up until 20th May. Each team member must have the following details for the captain to enter onto the system: Full Name, Gender, Date of birth, Email, Club, Emergency contact name and number, t shirt Size.

Solo Runners and 8k runners – the full process and payment link can be found on our transfers page here. ( Transfer fees apply (Solo – £10 until April 31st. £25 From April 31st to May 31st. 8k Midday/Sunset runs £5. No transfers after May 31st ).

Team Captains – please email regarding transfer of your captain’s entry.

Final date for completion of all transfers is 31st May.

After 31st May no transfers can be made and no refunds are offered.

Can I cancel my entry?

To cancel your entry before the event email Please see our terms and conditions for information on withdrawals and refunds/fees.

Refunds given are 50% up to 3 calendar months before the event. 25% up to 2 calendar months before. Less than 2 calendar months before no refunds. We don’t offer deferrals. However if your event category is sold out when you cancel and we are able to resell your place then we are currently offering a £25 rebate on your entry fee.

You may also be interested in transferring your place – see here for details

Please email us to arrange. You can view our T&Cs here.

Can I change the category I am entered in?

Please email us if you wish to change category. It may be possible depending on availability of places and the category you originally entered. Team runners – you can add additional runners to your team (select the additional runner entry from the enter page and ensure the team name is correct on the entry form) your category will be updated automatically if needed.

Can I change the number of runners in my team?

You can add additional runners to your team online before the deadline – select the additional runner entry from the enter page and ensure the team name is correct on the entry form. The team category (small or large) will be updated automatically if needed after entries are closed. You can not exceed 8 runners in one team. If additional runners take a team over the maximum capacity of 8 runners no refunds are offered but they can transfer to another team.

If you want to decrease the number of runners in your team the usual refund policy applies. 

How do I find out who has entered my team?

If you are a team captain you can do this online by logging into the entry system (log in details are in the confirmation email sent to you from our entry system when you signed up).You can also click the ENTER link on our website and select ‘Update my Entry’ – you will still need your password from your confirmation email. We can resend this if needed. Team members please contact your team captain.

If we have entered a team ...will our category be changed accordingly?

If you are entered in a category but do not have enough team members to meet the minimum number required in that category please contact us before 20th May. If you are registered as a small team but wish to increase to a large team, please contact us. This will depend on availability and there may be a transfer fee to pay.

It is important to check before the entry system closes on 20th May that your team is correct.

Can we make changes to our team at the event?

Yes however it is best to do this online before 31st May to ensure details for printed numbers and tshirts are correct. After this time the only way to make changes is at the event and there is an admin fee for this.

If it is simply withdrawals, this can be done by filling in a change of details form and handing it in at race HQ. There is no fee for this.

If you want to transfer an entry to another person there will be a fee of £10 per alteration up until 19th April (from 20th Aprilt £25 fee).

Team runners you can add additional runners to your team online before the deadline – select the additional runner entry from the enter page and ensure the team name is correct on the entry form) your category will be updated automatically if needed. You can not exceed 8 runner in one team. If additional runners take a team over the maximum capacity of 8 runners no refunds are offered but they can transfer to another team.

Changes of details at the event (such as team members/date of birth) there is a £10 fee.

To do this at the event you will need to complete a change of details form which will be included in your race pack and hand it in at race HQ and pay the fee.  We cannot guarantee that these details will be changed on our timing system/race results or that you preferred t-shirt size will be available. We very strongly advise you to make any amendments online before the deadline to avoid additional fees and to ensure your details are accurate on the system on race day. If there are still spaces you may be able to add a team member at the event. We will add details for this nearer the event if places are still available.

Can I enter at the event?

If we still have availability you can enter on the day. Entries at the event will have an additional fee of £10 and we cannot guarantee an event t-shirt/goody bag/medal. To enter on the day please bring a printed and completed entry form to race HQ with your payment. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a place if the event is sold out.

What is the age limit for the 24hr and 8k races?

The age limit for the 24 hour race is 18 years for solo and pair runners and team runners. For the Midday Run 8k event it is 15 years. For the Sunset Run 8k event it is 18 years.

Will any information be sent before the race?

All communication will be by email. Race numbers, timing chips etc will be collected at the event. We plan to send a race brochure out by email before the event and in there will be maps of the route and site, up to date information about the rules, timings, stalls, catering and facilities. Please look out for this in your inbox in the week prior to the event (and check you junk folder) and ensure your email address is correct on our entry system. We will also email with important updates and information at various times before the event. If you are not receiving our emails please check your junk folder or contact us as you may have entered an incorrect email address when you entered.

At the event – Camping

When can I arrive on site?

PROVISIONAL – Please check the race information sent out by email before the race for the most up to date information.

Entry to the site is planned to be from Midday on the Friday of the event weekend.

Entry to the main camping field (General camping/solo camping/caravans/campervans) will close at 10am Saturday morning. Anyone arriving after this time will be directed to camp in the Mixed Camping area in the field adjacent to the main camping field, opposite the car park. You will still have access on foot to the main camping field and access to all facilities. This is to ensure that the main camping field is ready in time for the running events starting and to speed up entry for those arriving on Saturday morning.

Where and when do I register?

You will be able to register on Friday afternoon/evening and on Saturday morning before 11am. The night 10k can register between 5:30 and 7:30pm on the day also. Please see the race information email for most up to date times.  We will not post any numbers timing chips etc – it will all be collected at registration at the event.

Can I reserve a camping spot?

No, we operate a first come, first served policy. You can book glamping to be sure of a good spot. This is a pre-erected canvas bell tent. These will be pitched in one area near the race HQ. Full info on the race info page.

What facilities are on site?

Onsite will be toilets, chemical toilet disposal point, hot showers, hand wash stations, water taps (you will need to boil the water from our onsite taps before drinking as a precaution), food and drink stalls, bar, massage, trade stalls (see race information booklet for full details). There are no electric hook ups.

Can I camp on Sunday night?

Yes. Please note there will be limited facilities on Sunday night (no catering, retailers, showers etc). There will be toilet facilities.

Are cars allowed by tents on the camping field?

Yes 1 vehicle per tent is allowed on the camping field unless the field is very wet, in which case we will ask for cars to be left in the car park area. You will be notified by email or at the gate if this is the case. Please note, in the general camping area cars cannot enter or exit the field after the race begins at midday on the Saturday until the race finishes at midday on the Sunday. Cars wishing to exit the field before the end of the event, or those arriving after the race starts will be asked to park in the car park and walk onto the field. We ask you to drive with extreme caution on the camping fields at all times.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept on a lead at all times and MUST be cleared up after. Dogs are not allowed on the run course. They are not allowed in the Glamping tents.

Are caravans/campervans allowed?

Yes, there will be a designated area for caravans and campervans. There are no electric hook up or chemical toilet emptying facilities. Tents will be allowed to camp alongside caravans/campervans in their area should they wish.

Please note – the only area to pitch a caravan/campervan is on the grassy field – there is no hard-standing ground. If the ground is very wet you may have difficulty getting off the field. Please look at the weather forecast before the event and make a judgement. We will do our best to inform you of any expected issues in the lead up to the event.

Are generators allowed?

Generators are not allowed between the hours of 10pm and 9am. (Please note: there will be generators running to power the onsite facilities for the duration of the event so please avoid these areas if you don’t want to hear them).

What do I do with my rubbish?

There will be large skips for campsite rubbish near the entrance to the main field and we ask you to ensure that you rubbish is put in these before you leave or you take it home with you. Please do not leave rubbish of any kind on the field; livestock will be back in the fields after the event. Please bring bin bags. There was a lot of waste and rubbish left on the camping field last year which lead to a very lengthy clean up. We would very much appreciate your assistance in removing your own litter and waste from the site. Thank you.

Is there anywhere for Solos to leave food and drink?

There will be a table on the run course just after the start line for solo runners to leave supplies if they wish (left at your own risk).

Can I have a BBQ/campfire?


This is subject to normal weather conditions. If the grass is very dry no fires/BBQs will be allowed die to risk of grass fires.

This will be strictly enforced so please ensure you read carefully and abide by these rules.

These rules apply to all forms of barbecues, open fires, fire pits, chimeneas or any form of open flame (except gas camping stoves). We will refer to all these as ‘fires’ in these rules.

  • ALL people in your campsite must be made aware of these rules – we advise that you print out a copy for your camp.
  • All fires must be at least 3m away from any tents/flammable materials.
  • All fires must be raised off the ground so that they don’t scorch the grass. Please bear this in mind with barbecues in particular. No open fires directly on the ground – they must be in some form of appropriate vessel.
  • There must be at least 2 full buckets of water in the immediate vicinity of each individual fire in case of emergency.
  • The fire must not be left unattended at any time. This means there must be at least one competent adult (18 years or over) physically present/awake outside of the tent watching the fire at all times. Being inside the tent or asleep does not count. If this is not possible the fire must be extinguished.
  • NO accelerants must be used on the fire in any circumstance either to light it or at any point used as fuel. This includes petrol, lighter fluid, diesel etc
  • There must be no accelerants in the campsite area if there is a fire lit.
  • Fires must not be lit along the perimeter of the run course as smoke directly on the course is a hindrance for our runners. Fires must be at least 10 m away from the course perimeter. If the smoke from your fire is deemed by us to be disruptive to runners we will ask for it to be extinguished wherever it is situated so we advise you to consider this when siting your camp/tent.
  • The organisers or their representatives hold the right to ask for any fire to be either moved or extinguished if they see fit for any reason of safety or in the interest of the runners or other spectators.

At the event – Runners

Do you provide food and drink for runners?

There is drinking water available at the finish line and at the water point approximately half way around the lap. We do not provide food or nutrition for runners and you must ensure that you are able to cater for yourself. There will be a range of caterers open throughout the entire race with hot food and drink available to purchase.

Can I volunteer at the event?

Yes! We welcome volunteers and they form a very important part of our event running so smoothly. You can sign up online and choose both the job you wish to do and the time slot. Volunteers get a free meal per slot and a crew tshirt as a thank you! Minimum age is 16 years. Sign up here from March.


How do I get my medal/tshirt?

All 24hr event runners get a medal if they have done at least one lap. Please come to Race HQ when you are finished to swap your timing chip for your medal (if you finish early or withdraw please remember to collect your medal and return your chip – we are open all the way through the race and we cannot post medals after the event). 24 hr runners must collect tshirts after registering. Only one team member needs to collect tshirts for the whole team. They will be given a print out with each members tshirt size on.

10K runners, please swap your chip for your medal after the event from Race HQ. There are no goody bags/tshirts for 10k runners.

Where can I find out more information about the event (rules, camping, facilities, itinerary)?

You can find full information for the event in the Event Brochure. This will be available to download on our website and a link emailed to all team captains and solos prior to the event. It is usually available in April.

Cant find the answer to your question?

Email for more help.